Our impacts

6 years have flown by since we were founded on 1st November 2015.
Here’s some of what we’ve achieved…

10 families befriended from Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, and Yemen.

6 Syrian families brought to safety.
4 Afghan family welcomed so far.

52 total refugees supported:
22 adults.
30 children.

13 private-let homes found for refugee families.
2 homes furnished from scratch through donations.

150+ food parcels delivered since 2020.
6 laptops provided during lockdown to school children.
1 school bursary place obtained.

11 community events held to promote integration:
3 pantomime trips.
3 Christmas parties.
4 Summer picnics.
1 Spring party.

Weekly food collection

Other ways we’ve helped so far


  • funding treatment for dental emergencies.
  • escorting families on dental and hospital appointments.
  • arranging supplementary physiotherapy for a torture survivor.


  • providing one-to-one language support for at least one person in each family.
  • arranging sessions for children at organised summer holiday activities.
  • sourcing school uniforms.


  • arranging free legal advice.
  • escorting adults to the Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • helping adults to complete applications for training.
  • funding tools for helping dad return to work.
  • funding kit and clothes for hairdressing classes.


  • sourcing bikes and buggies for children.
  • providing families with vacuum cleaners and a cooker.
  • sourcing replacement beds and bunk beds.
  • giving Christmas and Eid gifts.

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