The Night Before Christmas (Ніч перед Різдвом)

Thanks to the Ukrainian Social Club and Orange Tree Theatre for hosting a wonderful live performance of The Night Before Christmas (Ніч перед Різдвом) on Sunday 11th February.

Based on a 1932 short story by Mykola Hohol and set in an 18th century Ukrainian village, this classic fairy tale follows a poor blacksmith and the village’s most beautiful girl, whose love is imperilled by a pact with the devil and leads to a journey into the heart of the Empire.

Performed by the Ukrainian Social Club’s teenage drama collective, the group formed in 2022 for Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the UK fleeing the ongoing Russia’s invasion.

Produced and directed by our friends Alina Luts and Evheniia Shymshyrian, we’re very grateful to them and to our Ukraine Lead Hirsh Cashdan for supporting and photographing the show. The significant funds raised will go towards supporting the Ukrainian Social Club’s clients throughout Richmond.