31st March: in-person meeting to support Ukrainian refugees

We are meeting publicly to discuss how best to support newly arriving refugees from Ukraine next Thursday 31st March 2022 at 6pm in central Richmond. 

Anyone interested in volunteering to help support new Ukrainian arrivals in the Borough will be very welcome to attend. For details, please contact us.

If you are considering offering temporary accommodation in your home, we recommend that you register with the National Portal to access the support promised by the government:


You can also contact the office of Sarah Olney MP, who is compiling a database of local people willing to host:


There is currently no official provision for matching sponsors with Ukrainian refugees. For help with the matching process we recommend contacting the Home Office-funded charity Reset.

If you are able to let a whole self-contained property to refugees, rather than a spare room in your own home, please consider the Afghan scheme. We urgently need whole properties for thousands of Afghan refugees stuck in bridging hotels who need permanent rather than temporary resettlement.

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