Newsletter 2020

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 12th March, 7pm, venue to be confirmed. Below are two requests for help:

1. Publicity in local newsletters. It would be great to get an article about our continuing search for properties for refugee families into local community newsletters and parish magazines. These are often widely circulated and read, like The Link in Kew, or the Ham Community Magazine (which has already yielded a response). There is no list of such publications for us to access, but people living in those areas will know immediately what people read in their neighbourhood. So we are asking all our supporters to identify any appropriate newsletters. If you have any queries, please contact us.

2. Leaflets: Also, we recently had a couple of enquiries from people who saw leaflets in a café and in a local library. So we’re also looking for volunteers to distribute flyers again – this time not to letting agents, who we are covering separately, but just to cafes, noticeboards, waiting rooms etc, which should be much less onerous! Please if anyone can help distribute in their area, contact us with your address and the specific area you can cover, and she will post leaflets to them. Many thanks.

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